About Us

About Us

We specialize in Smart Tools for the DIY, construction, mobile mapping and Smart Home. Every project, every job site and every home is unique, and we enable users to map it, measure it, note it, share it and connect all of the smart products that you would like to use within it.

Our Smart Tools platform fits within what we see as the 4 stages of construction:

  • 1. Map & Measurement – How is it now?
  • 2. Design – How do you want it to be?
  • 3. Layout – Put design into real life.
  • 4. Build – Get it done.

Our smart tools enable products in each of the 4 stage talk in real time to one and other, thus connecting and integrating the user and their tools into their job.

Dimensions and parameters of a work site can be sent in real time to design centers, which can send what needs to be done to users of Smart lasers to lay out the plan, when work starts on the build stage, what’s being done and progress of the job is sent again in real time to the “how is it now” stage. So users can always have an updated picture of what has been done and what needs to be done.

From measuring out to begin an DIY project, to controlling all of your smart products on your Smart Map which you map out.

We bring disruptive IoT solutions to traditional tools, process and building applications.

  • NWi headquarters in New Jersey, USA Quality control and repair facilities
  • NWi Manufacturing complex 14,000 Sq. Meters